We recognize the importance of offering an explanation for complex genetic variants reported in comprehensive genetic testing. Agiomix offers Genetic Counselling Services for clinicians and patients to help understand the results and implications of your genetic test report in English and Arabic.

We offer both pre and post-test Genetic Counselling services where we aim to address patient queries or concerns before taking the test and help in making informed decisions once they have the test result

Who is a Genetic Counsellor?   

Genetic counsellors have advanced training in medical genetics and counselling to guide and support patients seeking more information about how inherited diseases and conditions might affect them or their families, and to interpret test results.

What are the reasons for which you may be referred to a Genetic Counsellor?

Before undergoing a genetic test, you may want to speak to a Genetic Counsellor who can provide you valuable information, such as:

  • Your genetic risks based on your family history
  • Your genetic risks for certain diseases or cancer
  • Whether genetic testing might be right for you
  • What the results of genetic tests may mean for you and your family

Why is Genetic Counselling important?        

Because genetic counsellors receive specialized training in genetics and counselling, they can be an important part of your healthcare team, helping you navigate genetics and testing, whether you’re pregnant and wondering about the health of your child, or concerned about a family history of cancer, heart disease or other condition.

Genetic Counselling Form