Covid Plus consists of the normal Covid-19 RT-PCR and Respiratory Viral Panel which includes the following parameters:

Parainfluenza virus (hPIV-I, II, III and IV) , Influenza Virus A & B, Adenovirus (AdV), Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV A & B) Rhinovirus (RV A/B/C), Enterovirus (EntV) Bocavirus (BoV) Metapneumovirus (MPV), Beta Coronavirus OC43 (CoV OC43) Alpha Coronavirus 229E/NL63 (CoV 229E/NL63) MERS-CoV

There are many types of viruses and bacterias that can infect the respiratory tract. Symptoms are often similar, but treatment can be very different. So it is important to make the right diagnosis.