Agiomix offers microarray services using Infinium Beadchip technology

What is UniArray?

UniArray is an advanced genotyping array used for population-scale genetic studies, variant screening, and precision medicine research.

Which applications can UniArray be used for?

UniArray combines highly optimized multiethnic genome-wide content, clinical research variants, and QC markers for a wide range of applications in consumer genetics, clinical research and variant screening applications. These applications include disease association and risk profiling studies, pharmacogenomics research, disease characterization, lifestyle and wellness characterization, and marker discovery in complex disease research.

How many SNPs are covered using UniArray?

~ 654,027

Agiomix offers custom solutions for your research array requirements for human, agricultural and microbial projects. Our expert genetic analysts will help you design microarray chips based on your specific requirements. You can also opt for one of our wide variety of consortium designed beadchips with tried and tested results.

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