Agiomix, the first ISO 15189 and CAP accredited clinical next-generation laboratory in the region, took part in Medlab Middle East 2021, the region’s leading medical laboratory exhibition. During the event, which took place at the Dubai World Trade Center between 21st to 24th June 2021, Agiomix unveiled its latest products; EndoPredict and NIPTunegx.

Medlab Middle East is an established event focused on lead products and services in relation to medical laboratories around the region, bringing together medical laboratory, healthcare and trade professionals. With so many participants in the medical field in one place, Medlab 2021 proved to be the ideal setting to make connections and gain valuable feedback. Visitors and attendees expressed their interest in the diverse line-up of preexisting and new products, ranging from gene sequencing with ExoSeq and Oncoseq BRCA, to genomic testing with Endopredict (a genomic test for those with history of breast cancer) and Niptunegx (a non-invasive genomic test for fetuses).

Endopredict is a genomic test for patients diagnosed with ER+, HER2−, and nodes one to three as both node-negative and node-positive. It runs through a tumor’s biology and pathology to provide a well-rounded view of a patient’s risk of early and late recurrence in the upcoming ten to fifteen years.

NIPTunegx is a non-invasive genetic prenatal test to predict the likelihood of a pregnancy being normal or abnormal through risk score calculation and from a single blood draw.

ExoSeq is a next-generation whole-exome sequencing test that helps identify the genes responsible for any underlying disease. The test focuses on the exon regions in the DNA, all the protein-coding regions, where mutations are usually identified. Another next-generation sequencing test Agiomix has to offer is Oncoseq BRCA, which uses breast cancer panels to focus on detecting mutations in genes BRCA1 and BRCA2, which are essential to identify the potential risk of breast and ovarian cancer in an individual.

“With many projects on hold due to the pandemic, Medlab has created a viable opportunity for Agiomix to showcase its unique position as the only local commercial genetics service provider with international accreditation. In Medlab, Agiomix announced itself to be the only approved lab in the Middle East and Africa to run Endopredict test, a valuable tool for predicating chemotherapy survival, in its own lab” said Dr. Walaa Allam

Agiomix is a DHA-licensed and CAP-accredited genome sequencing and molecular diagnostics laboratory headquartered at the Dubai Science Park. The lab offers a multitude of testing services for genetics, molecular diagnostics, and routine diagnostics applications. Agiomix is equipped with state-of-the-art high throughput testing equipment and has partnered with renowned healthcare providers across the region to make its services available to communities and companies. Learn more by visiting