Whether you are looking for a partner to help you design your genomics research project, assist you in your grant writing process, or help you plan your computational needs for setting up your genomics lab, Agiomix consultation services will cover those needs and more, our team of scientists, lab managers and bioinformaticians are ready to work with you to help you succeed in your research work.

Computational Biology Consultation

This is a service for laboratories that are establishing or expanding their own Bioinformatics and/or data analysis capabilities. Agiomix has partnered with industry leading computer companies that have years of experience in hardware configurations for Life Sciences. We review customer needs and specify the type of computational resources that best suit the core applications and number of users. We also supply, install, commission and train.

Project Supervision

There are research groups that are beginners in NGS and would like to start through student research projects. For such laboratories we begin with scientific review of research materials, project design and core-supervision services for the students.

Research Programs

We consult on research program setup including recommendations on facility requirements, equipment and instrumentation and/or other resources.

Project Design

We consult on the design of research projects. Our team offers round table discussions to understand customer requirements in terms of aims and objectives of the research. Following these discussions, we provide guidance in project design and grant writing.

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