Dr.Mustafa Cengiz Yakicier , MD. Ph.D. – Senior Medical Advisor

Professor Yakıcıer completed his medical degree at Istanbul University, Cerrahpaşa Medical School in Turkey, with a specialty in oncology and nuclear medicine. He then obtained a Ph.D. in human genetics from the University Claude Bernard in France, after which he went on to pursue post-doctoral studies at Harvard University and received specialized training at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Professor Yakıcıer serves as an Associate Professor of medical genetics at the Council of Higher Education, Turkey, and is also a Professor of molecular biology and genetics at Acıbadem University, Istanbul Turkey.

Dr. Tamer Degheidy, MD – Senior Scientific Advisor

Dr. Degheidy completed his medical degree and training at Cairo University and Kasr El Aini Teaching Hospital in Egypt. He then joined the industry in the late 90s and served in various scientific and executive positions and over the past two decades. Dr. Degheidy was involved in the development of innovative research and diagnostic products and technologies as well as businesses across the world, he also founded many start-ups and continues to serve on some of their boards.

Dr. Umut Fahrioğlu, MSc, PhD. – Senior Board Member

Dr. Fahrioğlu completed his bachelor’s of science in genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he then completed his Ph.D. degree in human genetics and developmental biology at the University of Minnesota. He also obtained a master’s degree in genetic counseling at the University of Manchester and went on to practice counseling in Manchester, UK. Dr. Fahrioğlu also served as an Associate Professor of medical biology in Cyprus. His comprehensive knowledge of medical genetics and expertise in genetic counseling allows him to offer invaluable advice to patients and doctors alike.

Dr. Siva Danaviah, Ph.D. – Senior Scientific Advisor

Dr. Danaviah completed her bachelor of science and honors degree, with majors in cell biology, environmental biology, human physiology, genetics, and immunology at the University of Natal Durban. Dr. Danaviah went on to complete her master’s degree in medical science and then obtained her Ph.D. in molecular virology, with a focus on TB and HIV coinfection, at The University of KwaZulu Natal. She pursued post-doctoral studies at Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies, Dr. Danaviah is a licensed medical-biological scientist and serves as a senior scientific advisor on the molecular board.