Next Generation Sequencing

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized the field of genetics by analyzing large amounts of genetic data quickly and accurately. NGS technologies can be used for whole-genome sequencing, targeted sequencing, RNA sequencing, etc. NGS allows us to analyze genetic data at a high throughput and with high accuracy, giving us the ability to generate large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.


Sanger sequencing is a method used to determine the sequence of nucleotides in a DNA molecule. It is the foundation of sequencing technology and sequences fragments one at a time, delivering unparalleled accuracy and reliability compared to other sequencing methods. Sanger sequencing provides valuable information for gene analysis, diagnostics, and genomic research.


integrates highly optimized multiethnic genome-wide content, clinical research variants, and quality control (QC) markers to cater to diverse applications in consumer genetics, clinical research, and variant screening. It enables studies on disease association and risk profiling, pharmacogenomics research, disease characterization, lifestyle and wellness analysis, as well as marker discovery in complex disease research.

High throughput PCR

High throughput PCR is a technology used at Agiomix for the rapid and efficient amplification of DNA samples. It allows for the simultaneous processing of hundreds or even thousands of samples, significantly reducing the time. High throughput PCR is used in genotyping, gene expression analysis, and pathogen detection.

Routine Lab technologies

While we are known for our pioneering technology and in-house solutions, we also offer a vast array of routine lab tests ranging from hematological and immunological tests to clinical microscopy and chemistry.