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Next Generation Sequencing

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has revolutionized the field of genetics by analyzing large amounts of genetic data quickly and accurately. NGS technologies can be used for whole-genome sequencing, targeted sequencing, RNA sequencing, etc. NGS allows us to analyze genetic data at a high throughput and with high accuracy, giving us the ability to generate large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.


Sequencing is a technology used to determine the order of bases in a DNA molecule or RNA molecule. This technology has advanced our understanding of genetics and has numerous applications, including medical diagnostics, drug development, and forensic analysis. Next-generation sequencing techniques have significantly increased the speed and accuracy of sequencing, making it more accessible and widely used. 


Microarray technology is useful for high-throughput analysis of gene expression levels, as it allows for the simultaneous measurement of thousands of genes at once. It can also be used for genotyping and copy number analysis, enabling the detection of genetic variations associated with various diseases or traits.

Mass Array

Mass array genotyping provides high accuracy, speed, and low-cost genotyping, making it an efficient tool for large-scale genotyping studies. This approach has been widely used in various areas such as genome-wide association mapping, population genetics, and clinical genomics.

High throughput PCR

High throughput PCR is a technology used at Agiomix for the rapid and efficient amplification of DNA samples. It allows for the simultaneous processing of hundreds or even thousands of samples, significantly reducing the time. High throughput PCR is used in genotyping, gene expression analysis, and pathogen detection.


UniArray combines highly optimized multiethnic genome-wide content, clinical research variants, and QC markers for a wide range of applications in consumer genetics, clinical research and variant screening applications like disease association and risk profiling studies, pharmacogenomics research, disease characterization, lifestyle and wellness characterization, and marker discovery in complex disease research.